Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) is a company under Teledyne Corp, world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality process gas and liquid analyzers. With over 51 years of experience, Teledyne’s product line includes electrochemical sensors, analyzers, and custom systems which combine expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering. TAI provides scientific solutions for chemical analysis problems & water quality measurements.

Detailed attention to customer needs and dedication to the highest standards of performance and quality are company priorities. Teledyne Analytical Instruments is an ISO 9001/ 14001 certified company.

Teledyne has developed a number of competitive strengths as we have grown to become  one of the leading developers of high technology product applications for the industries we  serve.

Online Analysers

Teledyne offers cross stack laser technology, LGA4000, which eliminates the need of a sampling system. Using the tunable diode to tune the current, we tune the wavelength of the laser to match the spectral range of the species we need to measure. This makes Tunable diode laser technology superior as it remains unaffected by background gases and also experiences zero drift in the process. CO2, CO, H2S, O2, Acetylene, CH2, NH3, Moisture are some of the compounds that can be measured in ppm/percent ranges using this technology. Cross stack system comes with the purge panel which maintains a positive pressure around the cross stack system preventing any process gas from entering the optical windows of the transmitter and receiver.

LXT SERIES – Liquid Analytics

The Model 4020 utilizes a proven flame ionization detector (FID) for the continuous trace analysis , ie ppb / ppm of total hydrocarbons (THC) under a variety of different process conditions. The principle of operation is based on measuring the ion current generated when organic compounds are dissociated in an intense hydrogen flame. The FID is a high specification Flame Ionization Detector (FID) based analyzer that provides a robust and high accuracy solution to trace Total Hydrocarbon (THC) measurements, ensuring gas stream inflammability levels are closely monitored.  

4020 has been in the industry for more than a decade now and Teledyne has proved to be a key player in the market. Linde, which has the R&D centre in Germany, vouches for FID technology only for trace hydrocarbon since out of all the technologies, only FID has been deemed as successful.

4030 is used for higher temperature applications. 4040 uses a GC upstream to speciate methane and non-methane species. 4060 uses FID/TCD principle with GC to measure composition of gas containing hydrocarbons or gases like neon, nitrogen, kryton etc. 4080 uses stripper technology to strip THC from water and then carries out the measurement using FID principle.

UV/NIR with Fibre optic technology

As a direct in-situ or extractive photometer, the Model 6020UV/5020IR takes the benefits of proven ultraviolet (UV) absorption technology/ infrared technology to the next level. Fiber-optic technology allows for the direct transmission of light from the control unit into the process via insertion probe or through a flow cell.

Teledyne’s proprietary probe and flow cell designs transmit light across an optical path containing the sample and returns the received light through a second fiber. The unabsorbed light at the wavelength of interest is correlated to a part-per-million (PPM) or percent concentration.

Acetone, H2S, Moisture, Urea, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia, Benzene, Chlorine are some of the compounds that can be measure using this technology.Teledyne’s recent innovation is the TSS sensor suited for pressures upto 2000 psig and temperatures upto 204 degrees C. It comes in SS316 / Hastalloy / Inconel wetted parts. Suitable for inline and extractive applications, the sensor comes with optional retractable technology which allows for calibration without disruptions in the main process line.


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