Flow survey / Flow validation

Verification of flow meters and validations are the crucial roles in the industry for optimization.

We offers flow survey and flow validation services for the existing flow meters on the field. With our clamp-on flow meters we can measure   flow invasively with best accuracy possible.

We can measure Liquids, Gas, compressed air, steam and with our M/s.Flexim flow meters we can measure very critical applications including liquids with solids, condensates, waste waters, critical pipes, etc.

Also we have Ex zone 2 certified portable flow meter for hazardous area application.

Flow calibration

With refer to our measured flow value by our clamp-on flow meter, we can calibrate the exisitng flow meters but this will be applicable only if calibration provision is available on the particular flow meter.


Integration of control panel

We own strength and capabilities for design, build, supply & installation of control panels for various plant applications.

We can integrate

Status And Condition monitoring systems

With our principal products & solutions from Turck & Banner, we shall offer the below services.

Condition Monitoring
Industrial communication systems
Warehouse management
Customized Analytical Solutions