Banner Engineering is a German company, offering products & solutions for various industry requirements.

Banner Engineering is a global company and a globally recognized leader in the field of industrial automation. Banner sensors and vision sensors, LED lights and indicators, wireless and safety products are used widely in the industry.


Remote Monitoring of Edge Devices

Wireless sensor networks provide remote monitoring capabilities and allow manufacturers to increase overall process efficiency and productivity.

By eliminating the wire limitations of conventional systems, wireless networking systems improve data logging, process monitoring and control, while maintaining high levels of security and integrity. Wireless sensor networks are especially advantageous where wired solutions are impractical, ineffective, or cost-prohibitive

Wireless solutions for Environmental and process monitoring

Banners offers complete solutions for wireless radio and data communication for various industrial applications.

Especially suitable for monitoring status of the devices and control applications in the remote areas.

We have EX rated solutions for hazardous application

Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance is the process of tracking the performance of crucial machine components, such as motors, to minimize downtime needed for repairs.

Enabling quick intervention to avoid downtime by monitoring time-sensitive conditions like.

Tank Level Monitoring

A wireless ultrasonic sensor is a great choice for applications where a non-contact solution is needed. These sensors use sound waves to detect objects, so they do not need to come into contact with the materials they are measuring.


Collision avoidance for Port Equipment’s and mobile cranes solutions

Harbor cranes such as STS, RTG, and RMG are a large investment and if damaged, require costly repair or replacement.

Banner Engineering’s R-GAGE radar-based sensor is the perfect rugged solution for crane-to-crane, or crane-to obstacle collision avoidance applications. Radar sensors can operate in harsh outdoor conditions. Sensing functions are unaffected by wind, rain or snow, fog, sunlight, humidity and fluctuating air temperatures.

Factory Communication and Process Optimization

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies are not just useful for optimizing machines. In fact, wireless technologies enable seamless interaction among human workers as well, and can have a significant impact on the efficiency of manual or semi-automated production and assembly lines. 

Lighting & Indication

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